Thursday, January 21, 2016

Reading This...

 Photo courtesy of JennyEBurr

These are just a few of the articles which I have been reading online this week during our cool, wintry, January temperatures. 

Doug Sprunt wrote this article,  Life After Salem Storehouse for SpurOttawa

Ann Voskamp shared this guest post on her site, A Holy Experience  How To Keep Choosing Joy When Joy Doesnt Feel Possible

David Kitz, wrote another devotion for his site I Love the Psalms, titled  Vinegar for my Thirst

On Kimberley J. Payne's site, Stephanie Nickel writes this guest post What to do with Broken Resolutions

Temples is the topic posted on Janet Sketchley's site.  

And, I am sharing my two January articles which I wrote for Spur Ottawa. They are  Putting Missions Into Perspective   and  Saturating Ottawa In Prayer

Just in case you missed some of my other blog posts here are a few which might interest you. 
Grumble, Complain 
Partners in Grime 
When Clouds Are Never Just Clouds 

Your turn. What are you reading online this week? 


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