Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net by Ambro

We live in a world of immediacy and instant gratification.

With just a click we can converse with anyone anywhere via the Internet. We can text or make a phone call. We don't have to leave our house to shop because we can just place an order online and have the items shipped to our homes. Grocery stores and some pharmacies will deliver what you need, for a price.

Some people don't have to leave their house to go to work.  Meetings can be done via Skype, phone conferencing, Go to Meeting etc. You can attend church at home by watching it online, on T.V. or listening to a radio broadcast. 

What about meals? Can meal preparation get any faster than popping a box into the microwave and within 3 to 5 minutes your food is ready?

So when we are expected to wait and to exercise patience we don't seem to know what to do with ourselves. 

But some things are better when time is invested and when we have no other alternative but to wait. 

Waiting for a builder and contractors to construct a house is worth the wait so that house owners can be assured of a structurally safe house for their family. 

First-time parents wait nine months for their baby to grow, develop and to be born. The time spent waiting can be utilized in preparing a space in their home for the baby; as well as a place in their hearts.

Waiting although difficult, is an integral part of life.

Days, months, years and decades can be spent waiting for a particular event to occur. A few examples are listed. 

Waiting for: 
  • a job offer
  • re-uniting with a family member
  • forgiveness
  • financial improvement
  • a promise fulfilled
  • a debt cleared
  • an illness overcome
  • an alternative circumstance to be presented
  • a waiting list to open 
  • acceptance
  • relocation 
  • resentment, disappointment, or anger to dissipate
  • an answer to prayer

I have spent time waiting. 

After graduating from teacher's college I accepted various teaching-related positions. They were: working at the Y with the children of young single moms, in a group home with developmentally handicapped adults, supply teaching, instructor for preschool arts and crafts, and a drama instructor for children age 7-12. 

Then an offer came to teach at a private  Christian school in the area. Finally my waiting and patience had paid off! For twelve years I had the opportunity to teach grades 1,2,3,5 and 6.

Waiting is also expressed in the Bible.

Psalms 130:5-6  (NIV) “I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. My soul waits for the LORD more than watchmen wait for the morning." 

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, waiting can be difficult yet you tell us in these two verses that waiting for you, LORD is worthwhile and a blessing. I pray that you help each of us reading these verses to patiently wait for you and your blessings. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

Waiting at least for me seems to get easier as I get older. Perhaps you have found waiting easier too, as time passes.

Your turn: What are you waiting for? Feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, December 11, 2015

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Images courtesy of JennyEBurr 

I am wondering if my last year's photos of my Christmas village is as close to snow as we'll get for Christmas in Ottawa this year. 

Bing Crosby's got it right when he sings the words, "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the one's I used to know...."  Aside form being one of my all time favourite Christmas movies to watch each year I too am dreaming of a white Christmas. 

It is a rare December when we don't have snow in this area, but I do remember a number of years ago another green December.  The reason I remember it is because my husband had made a comment about cutting the grass in December. 

People in Ottawa typically do not cut their grass in December because the grass has stopped growing and is covered in snow.

I have been enjoying the very mild-record breaking temperatures however, I do like snow for Christmas.  I also like snow when the temps are cold as it offers children something to play with when they're outside. This is particularly important during recess.


I know that it has been quiet here over the past couple of weeks. I've been doing a great deal of writing in my head as well as some writing for a couple of other places.

I have been writing some articles for Spur Ottawa and I have included the links below to my two most recent articles. 

Gifts for Mr. and Mrs. Claus 

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I have also included links  that are the topic of another article which will appear soon in Spur Ottawa

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Gospel For Asia 

If any of you happen to subscribe to live, a magazine for Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec then you may have read my article, Ungrateful Heart Syndrome, in the November-December issue.

It only costs $20.00 a year for either the print or online magazine. With your subscription you receive six issues a year.

I mention writing this article in my A Most Ungrateful Heart blog post.

Your turn.  

What has kept you busy over the past couple of weeks?  Have you had record warm temps for December too?

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