Friday, November 27, 2015

Partners in Grime

Images courtesy of JennyEBurr

Yes, this is a picture of our kitchen garbage can. 

I am certain that you have noticed that it has a clasp on it to act as a lock. It is also hooked to our cupboard. 

Here are the partners in grime.

It all started with a small plastic garbage can which was attached to the cupboard door, under the sink. All you had to do was open the door and the bottom portion of the garbage swung out while the lid remained under the sink. It was easy for dropping in garbage. 

These two partners in grime were constantly opening the cupboard. Access to all the tasty morsels and wrappings were free for the taking. Naturally, they pulled the garbage out of the can to seek out their treasures. 

After some discussion, my husband and I decided that a step-on garbage can would be the best solution. So that is what we did. Since it was too tall to fit under the sink it was relegated to sit on the floor at the end of the counter. 

All was fine until the partners in grime figured out how to make the step-on garbage can open. 

Their solution?

Knock it over.

The lid would then pop open and they could readily dive in and haul out the garbage. After cleaning up more garbage from our partners in grime another solution was required. 

Hence the flip lock on the garbage can and the hook into the cupboard. Their fun has been foiled and we no longer have garbage messes to tidy up. 

I am thankful that God has allowed us the opportunity to have pets in our household, even if they do present us with some challenges.

I wonder what they will get into next?  

Your turn. Do you have pets which have caused you to develop some creative solutions to problems which they present?

Feel free to leave acomment.

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