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When Everyone Thinks You're Crazy

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Have you ever done something so bizarre, so absolutely off-the-wall that everyone around you tells you that they think you are crazy? Perhaps it was when you were a child, a teen or in your twenties that you were impulsive and had adopted a no fear attitude. The crazier the scheme the better, resulting in some hair-raising, adrenaline- rushing feats, about which you probably never told your parents.

Who says that bizarre behaviour is just for the youth? There have been many thirty, forty, fifty, sixty year olds or older who have walked off the edge of sanity. These people have done this so that they can be the first to accomplish a certain task. The Guinness Book of World Records annually writes about and depicts such wild and crazy behaviour.  

What have I done that has been bizarre or wild? Has anyone ever thought that I was crazy? Although I was fairly responsible in my younger years, I have done one or two crazy things in my life. I have learned that living out my faith sometimes causes others to think that I am crazy. 

In February 2015, I spoke to a group of women about real answers to prayer which I have experienced. While much of what I shared had resonated with most in the room, my final point of answered prayer probably left a number of the women thinking that I was just a wee bit crazy. Then, in sharing the same incident with others, at least one friend declared, "That's crazy!" 

Well, I couldn't argue because it certainly did sound crazy even to me. So what answered prayer did I share that created such a response? 

"He is being obedient." 

For many of us, being obedient to God's will isn't always considered to be crazy, unless the obedience is viewed as defying common sense. Such obedience puts a person in a place, which he or she could not have created. They also could not have been able to get themselves out of the situation, unless God intervened.

"He is being obedient," came after I prayed about the work which my spouse has been doing for three years. After he had been laid off, he studied for his Masters. At the end of his Masters he was approached by a start-up company to work for them. Much of his work is voluntary. 

During these three years, I have questioned my husband and God about the reason for him staying with the start-up. With me being a casual worker, I thought that my husband should find a job which created a steady income. While all this made sense to me and to everyone else, God told me that, "he is being obedient."

Sounds crazy right? 

Since being given that answer to prayer I have thought about the various people in the Bible who were obedient to God even though the people around them thought that they were crazy. 

  • Noah when God told him to build an ark.
  • Joseph when he told his father and brothers about his dreams of them bowing down to him. I can imagine their response. “Are you crazy? We will never bow down to you. You’re just our spoiled little brother.”
  • Abraham when God told him that he would be the father of a great nation when he didn't have any children and he and Sarah were aging.
  • Joshua when God told him that he and his army were simply to walk one time around the walls of Jericho for six days. On the seventh day after marching seven times around the walls, a long trumpet blast and a shout, the walls of Jericho tumbled. It wasn’t due to the expertise of Joshua or the army, it was totally God.

Obedience to God can sometimes make others think that we are crazy. 

What about you? Has God called you to do something that causes others to think that you are crazy?  Please leave a comment.




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