Monday, June 1, 2015

Prayer About Finding a Church

When we first moved to the Ottawa area, my husband had a cousin who was the pastor at First Baptist, a church in downtown Ottawa. We were renting a place near the Bayshore Mall, which was in the west end of Ottawa. One Sunday we went to First Baptist and although everyone was friendly I kept thinking that we should be able to find a church closer to where we were living. My husband however really wanted to attend First Baptist because he wanted to go to church with family.

The next Sunday we planned to visit Kanata Baptist Church. That morning we had both prayed before attending. As we drove there we discussed “the requirements” for us to return to Kanata Baptist Church. We had asked that God would have someone talk to us after the service but it couldn’t be a person that had greeted us at the door.

All during the service while listening to the sermon I quietly prayed, “Please Lord, have someone talk to us but not the very kind couple that first greeted us.” My husband was also praying.

When the service ended, we had some tea/ coffee and waited to see if anyone was going to approach us. It didn’t take long for the greeting couple to come over to talk to us. “Okay Lord,” I prayed, “but please, please, please have someone else approach us and talk to us.” Then the greeters turned to a few others and brought them over to meet us. Soon there were a number of people talking with us.

You can imagine my relief!

As we drove home my husband told me that during the service he had also been praying but he had been asking God not to have anyone talk to us so that we could go back to his cousin’s church.

Prayer Point: God gave us a definite answer and He has a sense of humour!

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