Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Real Life Examples and Real Prayers

A Library Book: In high school, I remember this particular prayer incident. I had signed out a school library book for an assignment. I returned the book, or at least thought that I had until I received a notice from the librarian indicating that the book was overdue. When I went to the library with my overdue slip I explained to the librarian that I thought that I had returned it.

She showed me the library card from the signed out book. On the card was my name but underneath my name were marks indicating “ “ indicating that I had signed it out again. The librarian then told me that I should have put my name on the card again rather than those marks. I explained that I always put my name on the card. To no avail I couldn’t convince her that I did not sign out the book.
That night I prayed about the misplaced book and God brought to mind one of the guys in my class. I immediately dismissed the idea. Why would he purposely want to get me into trouble? The next day I looked around at school and at home but I couldn’t find the book. Again I prayed and God brought the same guy to mind but this time he also showed me where the book was located in his locker. 

Although I wanted to dismiss the idea again I thought that it would be better to obey God and follow up with this guy. So I approached him the next day at school and asked him if he had the book in his locker. He opened his locker and the book was exactly where God had shown me. 

 Prayer Point: I truly found this incident amazing! God answered my prayer but at first I didn’t want to listen to Him and then when I did the book was found. I never asked the guy why he did what he did. I was just grateful that God helped me find the book so that it could be returned to the library.

Prayer about Finding a Store: 

After high school I attended Brock University in St.Catharines. When I graduated I remained living in the area for a few more years and one winter day I was in my car looking for a store. Keep in mind this was before GPS and Google Maps. I decided to pull into a parking lot and pray about finding this store. So that’s what I did. When I opened my eyes, there across from me in the parking lot was a van that had the name of the store that I was looking for written on it and the driver was sitting in the van. So, I approached the driver and asked him where the store was located and he told me. 

Prayer Point: Although I wasn’t far from the store, some places can be tricky to find so I have to tell you that I really appreciated God’s sense of humour with this answer to prayer.

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