Monday, March 9, 2015


Real Women. Real Prayer. Real Power in Prayer. Life happens; it can be joyful and it can be messy. Real women experience real life and real power in prayer when they put their trust in God’s will. Does it come easy or is it challenging? Jenny will share how real prayer has effected change in her life.

This is a workshop which I wrote and presented in February. The one-day conference "Day Apart" for women takes place at our church and I knew that God wanted me to tell my real prayer times to others. Here is some of what I shared.

From as far back as I can remember I have always prayed. That doesn’t mean that I have always received the answer to prayer that I desired but over the years I have learned that the prayers were always answered with God’s best in mind for my life or for others for whom I have prayed. Sometimes it takes a day of reflection and looking back on answered prayer for me (and perhaps for you) to realize the amazing answers that God has provided. Along with sharing many aspects of my life and prayer; I am also going to share with some information that I have read that has guided me in my prayer life along with various scriptures from the Bible.

As a young child I went to church with my mom and siblings but when I was 12, my parents separated and divorced. My mom and some of my siblings stopped attending church. I continued to go to church and in doing so I prayed for my family to come to know Christ. I continue to pray for their salvation and for God to bring people into their lives to make them aware of His truth.

You can imagine my delight when I met and married a Christian man. Finally, I would have someone with whom I could pray and share life with living as a Christian. Since I did not grow up with a family that would pray and have devotions I thought that we would do this as a married couple. I quickly learned however that my husband and I pray but we pray differently.

How so? When I pray, I am so filled with emotion that often my eyes well up with tears and I find that if I do not pray out loud that it feels like I am bottling up my emotions. So praying out loud helps me to release these emotions. My husband, Kevin, is a silent prayer person. For those of you that know Kevin, I know this may be surprising because my husband loves to talk and he enjoys being in the limelight but he has learned that when he prays silently, he is more attentive to God.

So our first few attempts at praying together as a couple were a bit rough. Instead, what has worked for us is to pray separately and then talk about what God has told us after we are done praying. I am not saying that every couple should do this, but for us it works. I also sometimes write out my prayers and this helps me to keep track of answered prayer.

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