Thursday, August 11, 2011

Counting on God

"I'm counting on, I'm counting on God"

These are some of the words from the worship song, "Counting on God." I was going to write waiting on God, because I am waiting on God to provide but when I thought about it I felt that the words "Counting on God" actually reveal more of what I am feeling. To me, the words counting on indicate that I know that God will fulfill His promise to provide and care for me, my husband, my girls, my family and the rest of my extended family.

Don't you agree that if someone tells you that you can count on them that you immediately feel reassured that they will stand by you through thick and thin, ups and downs and everything in between. God promises us that we can count on Him is so many verses in the Bible.

After four years of being out of the work force, my husband, Kevin is now looking for work again. When he was first laid off, he spent one year looking for work and he had also considered starting a business or two. When it became clear that God has other things in mind, the opportunity for him to take a Masters presented itself. It was not something that we could have afforded at the time, however the government had a offered to pay for the 2 year program, in the hopes that some of these grads would begin start up companies and then the economy would benefit. The government did this because a number of high tech companies closed up or were bought out and the number of unemployed people had grown dramatically.

It took three years for Kevin to complete the program, so we funded his final year. Since graduating at the end of May, he has been looking for employment while getting some work done around the house.

At the same time, I have also been looking for work. My hours have been cut back 20% and so has my salary. In addition, I am ready for a change. Full time work is my interest, but in God's way of providing and caring, two part time writing opportunities have arisen. These will make up for my lost salary and both positions are work from home.

Connecting, networking, social media
and good old fashioned send out the resume have been the approaches Kevin and I have been using in our job searches. I have to admit, I still am of the old school where you see an ad and then you apply, but one of the part time positions I heard about was through a connection and was not advertised. (I am still waiting to see if this part time editing job is also part of God's plan for me.) Both part time writing jobs were advertised online and I applied online.

The new way of looking for work is the connecting, networking, social media approach. Books and speakers explain that many jobs are not advertised because the companies or organizations do not want to receive 100's of applications. Instead, they recommend that you study the companies or organizations that really interest you, send off an introductory letter and indicate that you will contact them by a certain time. Make the contact, then send your covering letter and resume and arrange to meet. This will put your name before them not just once, but three or four times. You will be remembered and the company or organization may discover that they want to hire you because of your skills, abilities and personality.

This information is in many books, but the one which I am currently reading that suggests the above approach is written by a Christian named Dan Miller. The book is: "48 Days to the Work You Love." It isn't a book that you just read from cover to cover, you must of course do the work if you want to find the work you love in 48 days. None of the tasks are daunting, they make sense and are for your benefit. Since I have only just started the book, I will be taking the next 48 days to read and work through it. Kevin is a few chapters ahead of me and he is already scheduling some coffee get togethers.

The next 48 days could be quite an adventure!

So is God providing? Yes, and I am still, "Counting on God!"

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