Thursday, December 30, 2010


As always at this time of year it is the time to remember all that God has done for me (us) by sending his Son Jesus. It is a time to be thankful for the saving grace which God has offered to us by having His Son, Jesus, die for our sins and rise again on the third day. It is the time to look back over the past year and to offer thanks to God for the many blessings which He has provided over the past year.

My Blessings are:

1) God & Jesus

2) My family

3) My church

4) My work

5) My over all health

6) My friends

7) My home

What blessings has God given to you?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Deadline is Looming

Have you ever had a deadline looming before you? One you knew about for quite sometime?

I have discovered that deadlines have a habit of creeping up on you. I tend to think that I have more time than I actually do have. How about you? Have you felt this way about deadlines?

This year we were in our classrooms until December 23. Without the help of my daughter and her boyfriend, as well as my husband, our tree would not have made it up or have been decorated. I was simply too exhausted to do any of it. Most years, we are off the week before Christmas and so I can help get the decorations out but this year it seemed impossible. Keeping it simple was the key for me in handling Christmas this year. We enjoyed a wonderful family time together on Christmas Day and my husband and I felt truly blessed.

As a teacher, I am faced with daily, weekly, monthly and term deadlines. You are also likely faced with them in your career or in your life at home. As a writer and editor, the deadlines are short term and intense.

Within a couple of weeks my husband's thesis is to be completed, including his defense. Two and a half years working on a Masters and his deadline is looming. This is indeed a matter for prayer. We expect that what happens next is for him to be searching for work, however we very much want to follow God's leading in this area.

What's next after the deadline? We shall soon find out. God has given us many examples in our lives of deadlines looming and what's next. The Bible provides us with an unlimited amount as well. As you enjoy your Christmas and New Years with family and friends, pray for God's guidance in your deadlines and what He has in mind for you next, just as we are.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now is the Time

Now is the time to prepare our hearts for God.
Now is the time to be ready for His plan.
Now is the time to remember the birth of His Son.
Now is the time to let go and let God do His will.

Now is the time to give God complete control of my life.
Now is the time to surrender my will to His.
Now is the time to place complete trust in God's wisdom.
Now is the time to love and forgive.

Now is the time.

With just a couple of weeks remaining in this term my husband has been given permission to complete his thesis. It times well with Christmas approaching but it certainly adds to the busyness.

This year is the first year that we have remained in school until just a couple of days before Christmas. Working until December 23 does make it difficult to get everything done so I will simply do what I can.

Although we do not know yet if there is a job for my husband when his thesis is completed we are committed to keep this as a matter of prayer. We know that God has a plan even though we do not know what the plan is.

Now is the time.