Saturday, May 15, 2010

Disappointment and A Mother's Prayer

Disappointment, frustration, anger....these emotions and much more. I am so tired of having these feelings towards our teen. So tired of the angst and anguish of the teen years. Lord, please take these emotions and turn them around.

Let me see the good that you would like me to see rather than the anger that I feel towards my teen. Show me how to "bridle" my tongue. Let the memories flood me. The good memories of family times together and joy. Help me to take a good look at where we are now and draw some encouragement towards our teen, something good, anything good. Protect her and keep her safe. Guide her in her choices. Open her heart to you again so that she knows you fully, just as You know her.

Give me the words to pray when I feel as though I have nothing to utter. Bless her as she chooses to follow your leading. Protect her from Satan's deceptions. Let her see the lies as lies and the truth as truth. Help her to discern.

Remove my anger and my pride so that I am more attentive to your leading Lord in the best way to proceed with our rebellious teen.

Lord, you remind us to "Keep on praying," and so I will, even when it may appear hopeless, even when it may appear that no change is happening, even when the situation worsens... I will keep on praying for her, for us, and for her sister.


  1. Jenny,
    I am always amused when people say they are non-believers. If there is ever a time to find our faith and to pray like we've never prayed before, it is when raising teenagers. I have three married daughters, I understand but I also know...this too, shall pass!

  2. Hi Dolores,

    It is certainly a time to rely completely on God. He knows the outcome and what will need to occur to draw our teens closer to Him, for His glory.


  3. Hi Jenny,
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  4. Jenny,
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  6. 'Tis will pass. Gray hair may appear...but it will pass.(not the gray hair...the anger)
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