Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Earthquakes...More Prayer

It could have been worse. It could have been better. Two major earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have created devastation and loss of life. We are called to do whatever we can to help those in need. Whether we are able to donate money, our time, our physical abilities, or our knowledge any and all of this will help. Most importantly, we are called to pray.

Pray for comfort for those grieving the loss of a family member or a friend. Pray for as many survivors to be found as possible in the wreckage. Pray for food, water, clothing and shelter for those who no longer have a place to call home. Pray that the police can keep the vandalism and wrong doing to a minimum. Pray for hope.

Colleen Shine Phillips has been blogging about her experiences during the earthquake in Chile. Begin reading at a Shaky Experience and then scroll through the rest of the entries.
Shaky Experience

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