Thursday, February 11, 2010

God's Will: Hanging in There

So we're coming up to three years since my husband lost his job. He is now in the last stages of his Masters degree, the stage where he is to write his thesis. My observation is that sometimes it's easier to go to work, or to attend a class then it is to stay at home and work on a thesis. He is slowly chipping away at it.

And then what? That is the question on my mind a lot these days. Lord, what is next? Do you have a job in mind for him? More schooling? Mission work? Volunteer work? What is next?

Of course, I'm not getting any answers right now but I know that God has a plan. Unfortunately, being a planner myself does not make it easy to wait for someone else's plan. My favourite choice is for God to have a job for Kevin when his thesis is completed. Of course, that is my choice and my will for us.

That may not be God's will for us. Waiting for God's plan to be revealed can be pretty tough, especially when it is during difficult circumstances. Sure, I am working but my income was never intended to be the main income for our family. Even though it has been for the time that Kevin has been out of work.

As I read through different blog posts on the internet or on facebook, there seem to be so many that are in similar circumstnaces. Many husbands are out of work and their wives have become the main income earners. If neither spouse is working, the families are in pretty dire straights.

No matter how much I would like answers and for everything to work out "My Way," I do not want to step out of God's will because the results will be disasterous. How do I know this? Experience.

People through out history, in our lives today and Bible times have often decided to step outside of God's will. Unfortunately, this only opens the door for Satan to wreck havoc in our lives.

As much as I appreciate David's nature, his character, and the patience that he showed while he waited for God's appointed time for him to be king, he chose to step outside of God's will. He did this when he had an affair with another man's wife and she became pregnant. He also planned to have her husband killed so that he could marry her. (2 Samuel 11) David was already married when he had this affair.

What was God's response? Disaster! Calamity! Samuel, the prophet told David that God knew what he had done and that he would be punished. The child that had been coneived, died. (2 Samuel 12: 11-24)

Keep in God's will, keep hanging in there, ride out the storm with Jesus by your side and eventually you may learn God's plan. Even if God never reveals His plan to you during your lifetime, you will become stronger, and more capable of seeing that His grace has been with you every step of the way.