Sunday, January 17, 2010

Could Things Get Any Worse? You Bet!

When things are going wrong and you think that they couldn't get any worse something else happens and you know that they've just gotten worse.

You know that you can no longer work out a solution on your own. You need God's help to get out of it. Not only do you need His help, but you have to rely on Him completly because there is nothing else that you can do. Absolutely nothing.

When satan has caused havoc it causes us to pour our hearts out to God. It drives us to our knees. We are helpless but we are not hopeless.

Perhaps you are someone to rage at God for the mess that has surrounded you. Even so, God hears you. Are you listening to Him?

When our car and van were both out of commission, we were helpless because we had no way to go and collect our daughters from the accident. We live out of the city, and the only buses that travel past our house are school buses. We were left with no choice but to ask our neighbour to drive my husband to the scene of the accident. Fortunately, we've been neighbours for eighteen and half years so we weren't asking a complete stranger.

I remained home, praying and thanking the Lord that our girls were safe and to answer the phone if the girls called again. I also needed to begin making arrangements to get myself to work. It meant asking a couple of other teachers for drives out to our school. More favours to be asked but thankfully they were willing to help me out.

At the scene of the accident, a gracious women offered the warmth of her van to our girls while they waited for the police, ambulance and tow truck to arrive. I am very grateful to this kind hearted stranger who acted like a good Samaritan.

When my husband and neighbour arrived at the scene our girls were gone. The police mentioned that due to our youngest's sore neck and shoulder they were both taken by ambulance to the Children's hospital. A phone call home from my eldest daughter confirmed this. ...So, our kind neighbour drove my husband to the hospital and waited with our daughters.

While they waited, my husband called and asked if I would take some food over to our neighbour's wife, as she is now incapable of cooking for herself and others. I was just beginning to make a stir fry, so I told him it wasn't a problem. Sometimes, cooking brings me comfort and I knew that everyone would be hungry by the time they finished at the hospital. I walked next door and invited our neighbour's wife to join me for supper. Then I walked her back home and continued praying for my family.

A few hours later, they arrived home, hungry, and shook up over the experience. We also invited our neighbour to stay for supper. I told him how thankful I was that he was able to drive my family back home.

An interesting thing. My husband had told me that he had been praying for us to evangelize to our neighbours, through friendship or whatever means God provided.

I believe God answered his prayer, through these events.

After a few days we were able to rent a vehicle and our car's fuel pump was repaired so we were back to two vehciles again. By early Feburary our van should be repaired and road worthy once again.

Living life with hope and holding onto God!


  1. "Living life with hope and holding onto God" -- that's the only way to make it!

    Thanks for this reminder to keep our eyes open to see what God is doing, and to trust Him to be doing something good.

    I'm so glad your daughters weren't hurt.

  2. Hi Joanna,

    I need to remind myself of this often: helpless but not hopeless. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.