Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Are You a Heart Listener?

 Are you a heart listener? 

At a conference a speaker shared that her father who had lost his hearing was a better heart listener now than when he was able to hear. 

I thought that this was a great way to describe how God speaks into a person's heart on behalf of someone else or a situation. 

Any of us can be heart listeners if we tune in to what God is telling us. 

In today's noisy and busy world when you and I are filling every moment of our day with work and activities...busy work...do you and I take the time to stop and listen? 

Listen to the inaudible?

Listen to the feelings and emotions?

Listen to the unsaid, unshared fears and concerns?

Listen to the unspoken joy? 

Listen to the heart? 

Do you and I listen to all that someone says and to what they don't say?  

Perhaps the unshared information would send them and you into a downward spiral.   

A spiral so deep and so long and so unnerving that you wouldn't know how to cope with what they share?  

Yet, you can see the sadness behind their eyes.

Their mannerisms indicate they have more to say but...can they? 

I have found that when I take the time to just sit and listen, I hear God prodding and nudging me to be a heart listener. 

In the heart ache, pain, stress and joy of our messy world, God calls you and me to be heart listeners. 

Listeners who may not know what to say or what to do except ....to listen and pray. 

Has God spoken to your heart?  

Have you been urged and prodded to pray for someone or a situation?

To speak with someone?  To bless someone?  

Have you followed up on God's leading? 

There have been many times in my life when God has whispered into my heart. 

These are a few examples. 

A young woman who is pregnant needs you to pray for her. She is feeling unworthy and contemplating suicide. 

A friend's daughter needs prayer. She needs to know that no matter what she has done that she is loved. 

Someone needs to know that they are loved by me (God) and their family. You do not need to know who they are....just pray. 

Guilt and shame, this person for whom you are praying feels guilt and shame. Tell them that they do not need to feel this way because of Jesus. Tell them! 

Are you willing to surrender your daughter(s) to me? No matter what the cost? 

The doctor needs to know that you are praying for your daughter's health. 

He is being obedient! 

Are you a heart listener?  

Your turn: Have you become a heart listener? Feel free to leave a comment. 

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

For The Broken

For the broken

For the one feeling unloved

You are worthy
You are important
You are valuable
You are precious
You are beautiful
You are loved
You are terrific
You are a blessing to others
And you are blessed 

For the broken times in your life remember that you valued and that you are appreciated.  

Sometimes it takes helping another person through their time of brokenness to realize that you do have something to offer.

I have had times of brokenness. 

I have also seen others during their times of brokeness and this was one of those times. 

A stranger came into our house. 

My husband had found her sobbing in her car at the side of the road. He convinced her to pull into our driveway and to come inside to meet me. 

This woman was broken. Her life was shattered. Her heart had been pierced. 

Being the introvert that I am, I just listened to her and let her cry. 

She wasn't in need of a lecture or advice. She simply needed to pour out her tears and weep. 

Our dog nestled in beside her as she sat on the floor of our kitchen and cried. Hugging our pet, she sobbed for about hour as she made negative comments about her life, her decisions and her actions. 

When she called herself a "loser" I responded by saying, "No, you are not. You've just made some mistakes." After about an hour, she was ready to leave. 

She thanked me for letting her come inside, for listening and for letting her hug our dog. Then she reassured me that she had a friend with whom she could stay for the night. 

I have prayed for this stranger ever since. 

Sometimes, just being a listener is all that we can do and all that we need to do. 

Your Turn:  Have you been broken? Have you helped someone who has been broken? Feel free to share in the comment section. 

Image Credit: JennyEBurr